Your account has been disabled, please see your system administrator

“Your Account has been disabled please see your administrator. What does this mean??” If you are getting; “your tài khoản has been disabled please see your system administrator VPS 2008”, then beware. This is one of the biggest Windows problems, & it completely locks you out of your system.Without specific fixes, it will be impossible for you to lớn access your Windows trương mục. So, if you are getting this error, there are ways khổng lồ get access again, you can kiểm tra out the fixes detailed in the article below.


Part 1. Why Does It Keep Saying My Account Has Been Disabled?

‘Your tài khoản has been disabled please see your administrator”This particular error locks out users size their Windows accounts completely. It is, a big và genuinely troubling issue & a lot of people, are bothered by it.This error mostly occurs if you have sầu abruptly closed your computer. IT is also happening if you were installing Windows, and before completing the installation, the computer got shut down.So, if you are a bit careful with your computer, you shouldn’t have sầu to lớn face this error. But it happens to lớn be quite a common issue ahy vọng Windows users. Don’t worry, there are ways lớn fix this problem, and they are not too difficult.

Part 2. How Do you Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled Please See Your System Administrator?

So, if you are getting; your trương mục has been disabled please see your system administrator Windows 10, you need lớn use the following fixes lớn repair the system.The following fixes are simple, but you may struggle with them, so we have listed the necessary details as well.

Fix 1. Enabling the Disabled Account Using

You have sầu to use the ‘’ comm& to lớn enable the disabled tài khoản. But lớn enable your account using this commvà, you need to lớn access Windows 10 from another account in Safe Mode.So, after accessing Windows 10 in Safe Mode from another trương mục, follow the steps below.

Step #1: Press ‘Windows + R’ on your keyboard & a dialog box will appear. Step #2: Type ‘’ in that box và hit ‘Enter’.

You watching: Your account has been disabled, please see your system administrator

Step #3: Then, the lusrmgr panel will open. Cliông chồng ‘Users’ on the left side of the panel, then cliông chồng on the disabled account on the right side of the panel.
Step #4: Then, a properties window will appear. Make sure the box beside the ‘Account is Disabled’ option isn’t checked. Step #5: Lastly, cliông xã ‘Apply’ & then clichồng ‘OK’ lớn save the changes.

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Now, restart your computer. After the restart, you will be able to access your disabled account again.

Fix 2. Activate Administrator Account Using Comm& Prompt

You can also activate the disabled administrator tài khoản using the Commvà Prompt. This is a bit difficult procedure if you are not used to lớn dealing with the CMD. So, we recommend checking out the steps carefully.

Step #1: Hold the ‘Shift’ key, while on the login screen. Cliông chồng on ‘Restart’. Step #2: The ‘Advanced Boot’ will open, cliông xã on ‘Troubleshoot’. Then, select ‘Advanced Options’ và then cliông xã on ‘Comm& Prompt’. Step #3: When the CMD panel opens, type the following commvà và hit ‘Enter’ afterwards: net user administrator /active:yes

Now, restart your computer and check if you can access the disabled administrator trương mục.

Fix 3. Persize A System Image Restore

In this 3rd fix, we will persize a system image restore lớn fix; your trương mục has been disabled. Please see your system administrator error.Now, doing a system image restore will not lead lớn the loss of your files, but it will remove sầu all the updates và installed apps that were installed after the point in time lớn which you are restoring your system.And you can also persize a system restore without logging in to your user account.

Step #1: When in the login page, hold the ‘Shift’ key & click on the ‘Power’ button icon on the bottom.Step #2: A thực đơn will appear on the screen, cliông chồng on ‘Restart’. Do everything while holding the ‘Shift’ key. Step #3: Release the ‘Shift’ key when the ‘Advanced Recovery Options’ thực đơn appears on the screen. Step #4: In the ‘Advanced Recovery options’ menu, select ‘Troubleshooting’ và cliông chồng on ‘System Image Restore’. Step #5: Now, you will get system restore points from which you have khổng lồ choose one when the said error didn’t bother you. Step #6: If a prompt appears khổng lồ choose an account, click on the trương mục titled ‘Administrator’.

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Now, you have khổng lồ wait for the system image restore to get finished. Once the restore is complete, you will be asked khổng lồ restart your computer. After the restart, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Fix 4. Rephối Your Windows Password Using 4WinKey

If you are still getting, the trương mục has been disabled please see your administrator error, then we recommkết thúc resetting the Windows password.But resetting the Windows password will not be possible without a professional tool. There are several such tools on the mạng internet, but we recommkết thúc using 4WinKey.4WinKey has an extensive sầu reputation as a reliable tool for resetting Windows password. It implements a simple but effective solution. Let’s check it out.

Part 4.1: Create The Password Reset Disk

In the beginning, you have sầu to create a password reset disk using the 4WinKey. And for that, you have sầu to use a different working computer. After accessing a computer, follow the steps below.

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