Windows server và linux server


When choosing a server, it is important khổng lồ consider the operating system it is running. Deciding between a Linux server và a Windows hệ thống is a situation developers often encounter.

This article will help you compare the two widely used solutions and decide which option is best for you.

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Most beginners opt for Microsoft servers because of their user-friendly interface. Each release offers a complete GUI desktop experience that is very intuitive and polished. Additionally, this solution includes easy & optional automized system updates & the opportunity lớn solve technical issues through system recovery. Therefore, admins with less experience or time for maintenance find this out-of-the-box functionality very useful.

Windows vps can seamlessly integrate Windows applications & should be your first choice if you plan to use Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, or any other Microsoft program.

Advantages of Windows Servers

Beginner-friendly due to lớn its intuitive graphical user interface and out-of-the-box functionality.Guaranteed five years of maintenance + five years of extended support.Supports third-party applications & is compatible with Microsoft applications.Requires less admin monitoring & maintenance thanks to lớn its robust approach & automated updates.

Disadvantages of Windows Servers

Higher costs due to lớn the obligatory licensing fee for the OS.More prone lớn malware, cyber-threats, và other security-related errors.Its mandatory GUI makes it more resource intensive.

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Windows server Pricing

Windows servers require more resources and, in most cases, have higher infrastructure costs compared khổng lồ Linux. Also, they include a licensing fee which differs depending on the edition & vendor. The latest Windows vps 2022 Standard Edition (used for physical or minimal virtualized environments) starts from $1,069, whereas the Datacenter Edition starts from $6,155. For cloud configurations, the licensing price is usually paid year in and year out. When it comes lớn software support, Windows servers provide Microsoft Software Insurance which can be included in the purchase plan or paid as an additional add-on.

Linux vs. Windows Server: Which One to Choose

When deciding between a Linux server và a Windows server, bear in mind three important aspects:


If you are searching for a more cost-efficient solution, Linux is undoubtedly the better option as there is no additional fee for running the operating system.

On the other hand, if the hệ thống administrator has no experience in managing và maintaining a hệ thống through a command line, you are better off paying the license for the Windows server. Not only will you have to spend less time monitoring and configuring the server, but you will also have access to lớn Microsoft’s official support.

Finally, take into consideration what you want to run on the server. As Linux has PHP và MySQL support, installing WordPress is easier on a Linux server. Also, it offers easier access to lớn HTTP, Apache, and other site-creation tools, JavaScript và NodeJS environments, and Perl & Python programming languages.

However, if you plan lớn develop website pages using a Microsoft framework, such as ASP or .NET frameworks, it is much simpler lớn use them on a Windows Server. The same applies to lớn programs like Microsoft SQL, SharePoint, và Microsoft Access.