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Windows 10 Manager 3.5.6 Crack Plus License Key + Torrent October 10, 2021 Windows 10 Manager
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Windows 10 Manager 3.5.6 Crachồng Plus Torrent


Windows 10 Manager Cracked is a system utility that helps you khổng lồ optimize, tweak, repair and sweep out windows. It enhances your system tốc độ. Windows 10 remove system problems and make better its protection. It fulfills all you need to lớn improve sầu your system health. You can take all the information và detail reports about your program.

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It provides you office products & a complete report about the working procedures. You can handle what your system start on windows startup. It helps to lớn check và repair the advanced startup tools. You can tune-up and make effective your computer services. It allows us lớn turn off extra system services. Its important tools are given below:


The developer of Windows is Yamicsoft. Windows 10 will personalize your duplicate windows. It is a standard helper of windows. It will divide your files inlớn different little sections. You can combine bachồng to the actual file. It encodes your files lớn hide your location.

Windows 10 Manager License Key Features:


Cleaner clears all your program directly. Search which folders & files are disturbing your disk space. It displays your file’s condition with a chart.

Repair center:

The repair center helps lớn solve numerous issues of your computer.


Tweak your program to lớn make better its tốc độ.

Misc utilities:

Produce schedule tasks that display the effective sầu collection of utility which built-in your windows.

Super copy:

A super copy is a svào function of windows 10 manager. You can copy files or restore them directly.

Registry tools:

Run your registry simply with the registry functions.

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Protect your system, tools, UAC, sing in tools, and different settings. It secures your drives to lớn ensure system protection. You can protect your important files and folders.

Privacy Protector:

It guaranteed your privacy và protects your all activities.

Advantages of Windows 10 Manager Torrent

Money-baông xã guarantee:

If you want to get baông chồng your money you can get it in one month.

Registry cleaner:

Find the registry lớn remove the registry issues.

Uses of this Tool


Optimize và tweak your mạng internet connection and its checking. It increases your Microsoft edge browser settings.

IPhường switcher:

IP switcher can switch in several network settings simply. Change your host files khổng lồ increase system mạng internet runnings.

File undelete:

Backup your removed or formatted files on logical disks.


Customize system operation by tweaking file explorer, desktop, start taskbar, & notification area.

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What’s new?

A new version is 3.4.0

Features of a new version?

It is the total solution of increase, repair, và clear system cabít. It can produce fast start-up tools for the taskbar. Windows 10 manager Cracked handles the text thực đơn và changes the short cut thực đơn. It tweaks the windows apps & Microsoft modern UI settings.

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