Free website speed test


What is a site page speed testing tool?

The loading speed of your site is a crucial parameter for tìm kiếm engine ranking. We created a trang web Speed test so that you could analyze your site’s load speed. You can use it khổng lồ speed up your resource’s load and understand what causes your site’s slowdown.

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Website Speed demo is easy to use and will suit both beginners & more experienced users. Get the opportunity with this free speed checker lớn learn about your site’s weak points that prevent you from increasing page load speed.

We intended khổng lồ create a perfect tool to demo website speed and help webmasters & web developers kiểm tra website performance.

And we did it!

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why your site may be slow to load. Use our tool to kiểm tra your resource’s key tốc độ indicators because it is the issue when Pages have Slow Load tốc độ that has to be fixed.

Website speed affects your business

8% fewer page views after just a 3-second delay.16% decrease in customer satisfaction after just a 1-second delay.32% is tỷ lệ thoát rate probability after the 3-second delay in page load time.40% of your clients will leave the trang web if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Why does a website loading tốc độ matter?

Google’s research shows that the page load time from 1s to 5s increases the probability of bounce by 107%. Let’s see what affects the site’s loading rate & why you should reduce server response time (TTFB). But at first, you need to kiểm tra page speed.

Get more clients – rate is also essential for loading the site from a điện thoại device. The majority of today’s users visit websites exactly from smartphones, & you should take care khổng lồ reach this audience of potential customers.Improve user’s experience – complex page code will result in slower loading. Leave bulky sites in the past and get on with optimizing your site’s code. Believe it, so you can significantly accelerate the performance of your site.Retain users – it’s not enough to get the customer’s attention because it still needs lớn be retained. Cảnh báo that if your site pages are loaded quickly, then the chances of the user leaving the resource are reduced at times. Notice that you don’t like slow sites either!Get more conversions – the faster your resource loads, the more conversions you can get from buyers who haven’t left your site after viewing the first page.Importance for SEO.

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Page speed really affects SEO. This is a ranking factor. But this is not the most important factor và affects the ranking of the site only in combination with other factors. Kiểm tra out the clip report of research about the SEO impact of Page tốc độ that has been made by Brian Dean – Backlinko.

Wondering how to kiểm tra your website tốc độ for free?

Get detailed information about loading rate & page form size with a page speed test. With us, you can export the results in a PDF file, share a links to the data, or copy the information to the clipboard.

Web page speed chạy thử is a very convenient way khổng lồ get test results và compare them with the indicators after fixing bugs on your site.

We propose you a website hosting with the best website tốc độ guarantees. Chạy thử website loading speed with us! Take advantage of the export option và analyze how much faster your site loads with our site tốc độ checker.


For your maximum convenience, the Website thử nghiệm will assign a score khổng lồ the site based on Google recommendations. The tool provides you with useful tips on how you can speed up your site’s pages & what mistakes you need khổng lồ make to vì chưng so. Thử nghiệm page speed & fix all the errors.


With detailed charts on your site’s state, you can quickly learn about problem areas and aspects that need urgent intervention. The tool will show you what to pay attention to và how to lớn correct errors.


Check speed of website & speed up with our site tốc độ test!

Troubleshooting Tips of website tốc độ optimization

Website load speed kiểm tra can improve your website’s rate. Here are some of the most common problems that prevent sites from loading faster and lead to potential customers’ loss. We have collected these tips so that you know where khổng lồ start working to improve your resource performance. These are simple tips that even beginners can do. Pay attention lớn troubleshooting tips và increase your site without much effort.

Compare page tốc độ from Chrome, Firefox, và IE

Web site tốc độ checker tests the loading rate of your site from the most popular browsers. It’s worth remembering that although most users browse with Chrome, there are also many potential customers using other ones. So it is worth paying extra attention khổng lồ optimize for other, less popular browsers not to lose a possible audience and customers.

Check your website speed from different world’s cities

Get a chất lượng opportunity to check the loading rate of your site from different locations around the globe. Our tool gives you several countries to check how fast your site will load for users living there. It will allow you to identify và prevent possible problems that are slowing down your website.

Test your thiết bị di động website speed

Keep in mind that most users will view your resource from thiết bị di động devices. That’s why our tool provides an opportunity to kiểm tra the platform rate from different devices. Use fast-loading page formats so that users get information from your pages even faster.

Server optimization

First, the vps part is easy lớn monitor và control. Secondly, with severe problems with hệ thống response time, the slowdown is noticeable for everyone. You should seriously take care of this parameter so that your resource will rank even better in tìm kiếm results.

Customer optimization

Here are a few universal tips lớn help tốc độ up any resource. First of all, pay attention lớn these factors.

Optimizing website fontsit is worth reducing the traffic size of fonts on your site. To vị this, use WOFF2 for modern browsers. Use only popular formats, Latin and Cyrillic. Preloading will allow you khổng lồ notify your browser when to download a font file. The font-display feature provides a flexible way khổng lồ control browser behavior if the tệp tin gets delayed;
Optimizing imagesloading heavy images causes the site to lớn become much slower. You can use special programs that will reduce the kích thước of the picture. Besides, such services will result in compression without loss of quality, and therefore your users will not even notice the difference. Use these optimization services khổng lồ make your site pages load as quickly as possible by reducing the form size of images on your site’s pages;
Data Compressionas we mentioned before, your webpage code should be as simple & optimized as possible. Remove cumbersome constructions, replace them with simpler versions. Remember that compressing your site’s data will speed up the resource & not thất bại potential customers. Use static compression so that the server gives users the latest compressed version of your site

Using CDN

The application of CDN is an advertised measure to speed up your resource. Don’t neglect this opportunity khổng lồ improve your platform performance now!

The user usually connects khổng lồ the nearest network server. That’s why the creation of TCP & TLS connection happens faster. In the case of data located on the CDN, the user can get it much quicker. This setting significantly reduces the load on your server.

CDN can provide the data of the resource in its original form và optimize them. It makes it possible khổng lồ speed up the loading of your site without much effort.

Find the technical issues that can harm your trang web speed!

Crawl your website và find out all kind of issues that can harm your trang web speed and your SEO in general.