Virtual dj 7

Available for both Windows & macOS, set tracks and incorporate spoken word with a connected microphone.

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Before you can broadcast live sầu, schedule a live sầu sự kiện within your station calendar. Please see this guide for more information.

What is Virtual DJ?

Virtual DJ is audio mixing software that PCDJ’s use in place of Vinyl or CD based decks. While some knowledge of beat mixing và cueing is beneficial, Virtual DJ allows anyone lớn start mixing audio without having to purchase expensive sầu equipment. Virtual DJ is available for both Windows và Mac platforms và supports both MP3 & AAC files.

What You Need

Download Virtual DJ. The không tính tiền version offers limited broadcasting capabilities, you can tải về this here.

Once installed, you may wish lớn phối up your music library. This guide is going to focus on connecting to your Station. If you are unfamiliar with VDJ, you can visit their page to grab the basics here.

For reference, we are using Virtual DJ 7 Pro.


Initial Setup

Please be sure you have sầu scheduled a live event before attempting to lớn connect - You can do this via the "Schedule" tab within the dashboard.

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Launch Virtual DJ và choose the RECORD tab above the Media Browser.

On the sidebar lớn the left, cliông chồng "Broadcast" then clichồng Config….

A new window will appear. In the Format section choose SHOUTcast (MP3) & the bitrate you would like khổng lồ broadcast at. (This should match your output bitrate - 128Kbps by default)

In the Server section, choose Broadcast lớn a server & fill out the following fields ONLY (This information is listed on the live sầu DJ bar on the Dash):

Enter Your Station"s Details

Name: Enter your station name. Leaving blank will cause connection issues

Server: Enter your Host URL (e.g.

Port: The 4 digit port number (E.g. 1000)

Password: E.g. 11a1aa1a1a1a

Genre: E.g. Rock

Final Steps

In the Config window, there is an Autostart option - This will connect to lớn your station when the first cued trachồng is started in Virtual DJ. If this is disabled, VDJ will connect as soon as you clichồng Start Recording.

When your hệ thống is thiết đặt, cue your tracks then clichồng Start Recording.If you receive sầu an error, please check the following:

The password is correct

Your live sầu DJ counter shows "Time Remaining"

If Autostart is enabled, Virtual DJ will begin streaming to lớn your station as soon as you hit Play.

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You can check the connection status on your dashboard.

NOTE: You can only go live when the live sầu sự kiện starts. If you try khổng lồ connect lớn the system before the start time, your broadcast software will show an error. 

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