Thanh lý tai nghe over ear akg k430 thanh lý hàng trưng

trang chủ | Tai nghe AKG | Model: AKG K430 Blue

850.000 vnđ

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Thông số kỹ thuật

More added style. Same incredible sound

These headphones not only look the business but deliver excellent audio too,” saysThe Sunday Times (of London). We agree. We’ve revamped our much-praised AKG K430 on-ear headphones’ kiến thiết to lớn offer savvy listeners eight colors for a more stylish way khổng lồ tune into their favorite music. An ingenious, 3D-Axis folding mechanism makes for easy traveling; an integrated volume control lets you alter the sound output without messing with your source device; & soft ear pads make extended listening experiences super comfortable. And with the headphones’ wide dynamic range, you’ll hear every nuance that your favorite tunes can offer.
Product of: AKG - United States
Category: Tai nghe có dây
Driver: Closed-back headphones
Frequency Response: 12Hz - 28kHz
Maximum Input Power: 30 mW
Input Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 125 dB SPL/V
Cable: 3,5milimet (1/8"), length 1m (3,3 ft.)
Connector: Hard gold-plated jaông xã plug & contacts
Color: Silver, Green, Blue, Red
Weight: 110g
In the box: 1 AKG K430 1 jachồng 6.3milimet adapter Carying pouch Manual User

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