Grand theft auto: san andreas

Over 300+ weapons

GTA: Underground comes with over 300 weapons from GTA: San Andreas, GTA: III, GTA: Vice City, Manhunt, Manhunt II, Bully SE, and even custom ones made from scratch.

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Lots of vehicles

GTA: Underground has all of the vehicles from the 3 chiều era universe, all in San Andreas style, and custom vehicles for custom maps.

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Large maps

GTA: Underground has the in-game maps from GTA: San Andreas, GTA: III, GTA: Vice City, Manhunt, Manhunt II, và Bully SE.

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NPC traffic

Each in-game map is not devoid of life. NPCs will spawn driving and/or walking around all of the additional maps, and each đô thị has its own quality mix of ped models & vehicle models. Vice City for example will spawn peds và vehicles from both GTA: Vice City and GTA: Vice City Stories. The same is true for Liberty City, where GTA: III peds và vehicles can be found. We even added the gangs from these games as well, và it is possible to lớn take over their turfs và generate revenue from them. The type of vehicles and peds which will be spawned depends on the area you are in, for example industrial areas will primarily spawn trucks, và "worker" peds. This is true in most GTA games, & this mod is no different. And finally, we introduced the ped color system from GTA: Vice City Stories, which will make peds spawn with differently coloured clothes each time they spawn, just like vehicles!



Each in-game maps has its own phối of safehouses which can be bought. San Andreas has the same ones as in GTA: SA, but added maps such as Vice City hava some of the safehouses from the game the bản đồ is converted from, but also new ones which use a cutscene interior or an entirely custom one. It is also possible lớn acquire businesses in most of the added maps (also including San Andreas). These will generate revenue once you acquire them, just like in the original games. You vì not have to complete missions for revenue khổng lồ be generated, though.


Airport traveling

Too lazy to fly lớn a different city? No problem! GTA: Underground updates the airport ticket system in GTA: San Andreas so it will allow you to lớn purchase plane tickets khổng lồ and from the added maps. As of right now, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Liberty City, and Vice City are all possible destinations for you to lớn visit by using this feature.



GTA: Underground comes with a fork of the San Andreas Multiplayer modification (SA-MP version 0.3.7) called Underground Multiplayer (or UG-MP. for short), which is backwards compatible with SA-MPhường., meaning all SA-MPhường features can be used in UG-MP., & you can even load SA-MP gamemodes on UG-MP without having to edit the script files! It also comes with a bunch of exclusive sầu features, such as RGB vehicle colors, pearlescent vehicle colors, radio synchronization, & even the ability to lớn change the in-game atmosphere in any way you want. This includes changing the draw distance, the color of the sky, the amount of lighting, and a lot more. We plan on providing frequent updates for this platform which will come with fresh content lớn keep the platform going. We even have plans to lớn introduce NPC traffic, but it is not available as of right now.


Train traveling

In GTA: III, it is possible khổng lồ ride the L train và subway around the map. This is also possible in GTA: Underground, in both San Andreas & Liberty City. It works just lượt thích it does in San Andreas! We made a custom train Model for Liberty City which is heavily based on the original GTA: III train mã sản phẩm, however ours is much more detailed, and fits perfectly in the San Andreas-lượt thích atmosphere GTA: Underground provides.


All of the in-game maps have sầu their own in-game shops. Some of them use a generic San Andreas siêu thị interior, while others use interiors from another GTA game. As of right now, GTA: Underground adds clothing stores, restaurants (Burger Shot, Well Stacked, Cluckin" Bell, & more), hardware stores, & Ammu-Nation stores to all maps areas. We also introduced new ones such as King Knuts Donuts from GTA: VCS và Rusty Browns Ring Donuts, both of which serve sầu custom dishes, which will have a varying impact on the players" health và fat màn chơi. Even tuning garages, Pay N" Spray garages, và bomb shops are available in most of the added in-game maps. Some vehicles, such as the Voodoo which the Haitian gang uses in Vice City, can even be modified with lowrider parts!

Want to lớn learn more?

The gian lận actually comes with a lot more features than the ones mentioned above, and we encourage you lớn download the hack for yourself to lớn see what has been done.

This gian lận has been maintained between 2015-2021 by the GTA: Underground development team. GTA: Underground is not affiliated with Rockstar North/Take Two nor any companies owned by, operated by, or affiliated with Rockstar North/Take Two. This project is a FAN-MADE endeavor and is not associated with any "Official" Rockstar Games titles or any of its trademarks. If you find this mod is infringing the rules và regulations of the game and have sầu proven to be the injured tiệc nhỏ, tương tác us at , after certain deliberation, we shall take it down immediately.

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