Sửa lỗi the itunes store is unable to process purchases at this time

iTunes is a software application developed by Apple & is used for downloading, playing & managing audio and video files. The users of the application also can easily access the iTunes Store. From iTunes Store you can purchase apps, music và videos và more, this Store is one of the most used software made by Apple. But sometimes when you are trying to lớn buy a new app or you want lớn open already bought app you get an error message that says “The iTunes Store is Unable to lớn Process Purchases at This Time”. In this how-khổng lồ article, we will help you to fix “The iTunes Store is Unable khổng lồ Process Purchases at This Time” error in simple steps.

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Error Message

Method #1. Cheông chồng Your Credit on iTunes.

If you are trying lớn make payment but you can purchase anything because of this error message that keeps popping up, your first thing that should try is to kiểm tra your credit balance.

Open iTunes or App Store và sign in.Make sure that you are using your Apple ID.Beneath your Apple ID, you can see your credit balance.
Credit Balance

Method #2. Logout and Log Bachồng In.

Before starting with this method first make sure that you know và remember your credentials lượt thích username and password.

mở cửa iTunes.Go to Settings.Cliông xã on your Apple trương mục.Find and cliông chồng Sign out from your Apple ID.
Sign outWait a few minutes & then log in again.

Method #3. Disable Firewall.

Your computer firewall can be set lớn bloông xã iTunes Store & that can be the main reason behind the error message that you are getting. A network firewall is usually enabled on company devices that they are providing lớn their staff & they will be denied access khổng lồ iTunes. In order lớn disable firewall follow the steps below:

Open iTunes.

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Clichồng on the Apple thực đơn.Open System Preferences.Choose Security và Privacy.Cliông chồng on the Firewall tab.
Turn Off FirewallIf required enter the administrator’s password.If the firewall is phối lớn block the incoming connections change it. Allowing incoming connections should fix “The iTunes Store is Unable lớn Process Purchases at This Time” error message.

Method #4. Install or Update the Lathử nghiệm iOS Version.

Updates device can be simple but yet effective way of fixing this error.

Open iTunes.mở cửa Settings.xuất hiện Help tab.Cliông xã Software Update khổng lồ kiểm tra if there is a new version of your iOS.
Check For UpdatesIf there is a new version of iOS, click the install button & wait khổng lồ process khổng lồ finish.

Method #5. Cheông xã Apple Server Status.

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If you have sầu tried everything from above sầu and still have this problem with your iTunes, maybe the problem is Apple itself. You should try to be patient and wait for a little time in order Apple’s iTunes Support team to lớn release some fix for this error.

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