Server ip address could not be found


In this blog, We will discuss & troubleshoot how khổng lồ fix vps ip address could not be found from 7 different ways.

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4. After Flush DNS restart computer.

5. Release và Renew IP Address

If after DNS flush have the same issue “server IP address could not be found” then release & Renew the IP address

How lớn Release and Renew IP Address?

For release and renew follow following steps-

Navigate lớn Start Menu and tìm kiếm CMD.Right Click on CMD and select RUN as Administrator.Type following command-ipconfig /flushdns- Used to lớn DNS cache resolver.ipconfig /release- Used lớn release the IP address.ipconfig /renew – used to lớn renew the IP address.


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Verify Your Hosts File

sometimes Hosts file can create a problem for the “server IP address could not be found” issue. If you have another Hosts tệp tin then replace them. If in your organization using the host’s tệp tin for blocking websites then you should kiểm tra the Hosts file settings. If you want khổng lồ Know about the Hosts tệp tin click on the below Links.

7. Restart DNS Client Services

DNS Clients services can be also created the issue for vps ip address could not be found. For same you should restart DNS client services.

How khổng lồ Restart DNS Client Services?

For restart DNS client services Follow Following steps-

Press (Windows + R) and type services.msc.

2. Double Click on DNS if DNS services in automatic start status it’s ok otherwise restart DNS client Services.

3. Restart Computer and Check.


Hopefully, Now your issue server ip address could not be found has been fixed. If you have any doubts và query please comments me.