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Description:Navitel navigation displays user”s current location on the map & can maneuver through the on-screen display & voice navigator supporting the driver when và where khổng lồ turn on automatically created route for an early arrival at the desired location. Navitel also can predict the time of arrival at destination, report the actual speed, a route khổng lồ bypass traffic jams, offer a variety of statistical information with hundreds of built-in software sensors warn the driver about dangerous places on the road (including the camera tracking speed), will provide an opportunity lớn exchange views with Navitel another user coordinates, record the history of their movements, & much more. Supports all currently official Cards release quận 1 năm trước.Opportunities 9.x versions:What”s new in Navitel Navigator 9.0:The new service “Navitel.Oblako”- You can now save all settings, tracks & waypoints in the cloud data storage NAVITEL ®. No matter which of their devices you use the – load from the cloud all your settings, tracks & waypoints & forget about the need khổng lồ save and transfer files every time you change the device!Log when “Navitel.Druzya” through social networks- Added a convenient form of rapid authorization through social networks: Facebook, VKontakte, Google +. Use online services Navitel Navigator using the trương mục of your favorite social network!New user-friendly keyword search- Implemented search for points of interest (POI) for key words in the title.New options when “Navitel.Druzya”- Added ability lớn edit groups of friends.- Implemented the editing function of its own group members (blocking and deletion of user groups).In addition:- Implemented the ability to visualize the route covered.- Added new branded POI.- Added ability to lớn save sầu the track for the last half an hour (if the track record).- 3D-Mã Sản Phẩm sites removed from the atlas in a separate vì chưng.w.n.lo.adable nội dung.- Fixed an error that occurred when searching for the nearest facilities along the route.- And also made ??numerous other minor fixes that enhance the stability và reliability of the program.Composition of the distribution:1. Navitel_full_9.0.0.11_crk.game android – full version for all resolutions supported by all official maps released Q1-2014.2. Navitel_9.0.0.11_Universal_RePack_SevenMaxs_Vi xử lý Core.game android – universal repak full version of Navitela SevenMaxs under different resolutions and also catalog NavitelContent for them.3. Navitel.ns2 – skin for universal repak full version of Navitela SevenMaxs under different resolutionsinstallation:Throw the file on the device in any place & under any filemanager Androyd (eg ES conductor) khổng lồ install the object by clicking on the file (up Security devaysa should st& daw “Unknown sources”). After you install Navitel, run it, show that there is no thẻ, exit from the program thư mục “NavitelContent” will be created automatically & just throw off the cards you need in a thư mục Maps (overview maps of the world earth …….

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nm7 carefully to lớn avoid problems with routing routes between countries). Start Navitel on new, he will index thẻ and is ready for operation.If for some reason can not install Navitel: remove the earlier version of Navitel with clearing the cađậy thư mục & NavitelContent with fleshpamyati (if you had previously installed Navitel), then install Navitel, run it, show that there is no card, exit from the program folder “NavitelContent “will be created automatically và just throw off the thẻ lớn a thư mục maps.WARNING! Service “Navitel-friends” cured assemblies NOT SUPPORTED!Features repaông chồng installation of SevenMaxs:Installation Procedure RePack-and:1. Unzip the do.w.n.lo.aded file.2. NaviTelContent Copy this thư mục to the root of SD-thẻ perdvaritelno delete the entire contents of the old one (you can leave the Maps folder).3. Navitel_9.0.0.11_Universal_RePack_SevenMaxs_bộ vi xử lý Core.android Install file in the usual way, and immediately run.4. Should an error message (“Skin Navitel.ns2 can not be opened because of errors. Please reinstall the application.”), Cliông chồng OK.5. Navitel.ns2 Copy lớn folder / NavitelContent / Skins /, which is in your device.6. Run the program and use it for his own pleasure.CAUTION:If you are installing RePack-& not for the above sầu described instructions, its performance is not guaranteed!If desired, save sầu to SD-card NaviTelContent same thư mục from a previous version, you must have in mind that the contents may differ from the nội dung to the new version.

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