Left 4 dead 3: the complete story so far

Why Baông chồng 4 Blood Isn't Called Left 4 Dead 3 Despite identical gameplay, character và dialogue styles, Left 4 Dead"s spiritual successor, Bachồng 4 Blood, bears a different title for a few reasons.

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Baông xã 4 Blood Concept
For eight long years, gamers have anticipated the day Valve sầu would finally announce Left 4 Dead 3. For those who didn"t know about Baông xã 4 Blood already, that moment likely seemed like it was finally coming at The trò chơi Awards 20trăng tròn. There, developer Turtle Roông chồng Studgame ios unveiled a trailer with all the familiar Left 4 Dead ingredients, only lớn drop the similar-but-different Baông xã 4 Blood title thẻ at the end. But why not just Hotline it Left 4 Dead 3?

Given the Left 4 Dead franchise"s second installment has enjoyed remarkable staying power long after the zombie genre peaked in the early 2010s, it would make perfect sense for Valve to lớn unveil a modernized take on the four-player co-op tín đồ favorite in 2020. To many, Turtle Rock"s The Game Awards trailer may have seemed like just that, as it featured four wise-cracking characters, each with a different weapon; hordes of zombies và several overpowered mutants, a la the Tank và Charger; và Left 4 Dead"s signature gameplay, which emphasizes constant progression as much as gut-blasting carnage.

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Except it wasn"t quite Left 4 Dead. The trailer was instead a reveal for the almost identically titled Back 4 Blood, a spiritual successor from many of the developers of the original Left 4 Dead. Back 4 Blood was originally announced in March 2019, but The Game Awards was the public"s first real look at the title. All the same, especially with such similar gameplay & a title with the number four slapped right in the middle, many fans are likely wondering why it isn"t just part of Valve"s classic franchise.

Baông chồng 4 Blood Looks Like Left 4 Dead 3 In All But Name

The first reason is clear: Valve sầu explicitly stated earlier this year that a proper Left 4 Dead 3 is not in development, despite the thicket of rumors lớn the contrary that circulated for years. Barring the standard jokes about Valve sầu not being able khổng lồ make a third game for any of its franchises, it would be a strange move sầu for a studio khổng lồ dissuade players from hoping khổng lồ play a specific game, only to then confirm its existence almost a year later.

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Valve sầu also recently released Left 4 Dead 2"s first major update in eight years. That update, which features a whole new campaign, trăng tròn new survival maps, new mutations, và new melee weapons, was made in collaboration with the community. That willingness to give sầu the fans what they want can be construed as a substitute for an actual third game, so it wouldn"t make much sense for a numbered sequel to lớn come right after it.

More importantly, Back 4 Blood isn"t being made by Valve sầu proper. Rather, it"s the sản phẩm of Turtle Roông xã Studtiện ích ios, which was originally established in 2002 & acquired by Valve in 2008. For a brief period, during which it released the first Left 4 Dead, Turtle Roông xã was renamed Valve sầu South. However, a rift in coordination led to lớn a split between Valve sầu & the studio, with Valve South separating and renaming itself Turtle Rock as a new independent company in 2010. Even after the split, Turtle Roông xã still retained many original L4D developers on the staff.

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Were it not for that discrepancy, perhaps it would have indeed been Left 4 Dead 3 that was introduced at The Game Awards 20trăng tròn. As it is, though, Back 4 Blood is probably the more appropriate step forward. A spiritual sequel is a chance to simultaneously avoid franchise fatigue, while still giving fans a refurbished iteration of the gameplay they"ve sầu loved for years.

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