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Vật phđộ ẩm này bị xóa bởi đang vi phạm luật Hướng dẫn cộng đồng và văn bản Steam. Bạn là fan duy nhất có thể bắt gặp trang bị phđộ ẩm này. Nếu bạn tin tưởng rằng trang bị phẩm của mình bị xóa nhầm thì xin vui mừng liên hệ nhóm hỗ trợ Steam.

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Vật phđộ ẩm này không cân xứng cùng với Mount và Blade: Warbvà. Hãy xem trang giải đáp để tìm hiểu nguyên ổn nhân tại vì sao đồ dùng phẩm này rất có thể không dùng được vào Mount & Blade: Warb&.

Warband is a very complex game. While the Taleworlds community is a treasure trove sầu of information, it"s very difficult to sift through for the beginner. This guide provides a very basic, non-overwhelming introduction khổng lồ help you make meaningful & informed choices as you learn to play the game!
MBW is the full medieval experience. You are a denizen of Calradia, a single continent surrounded on one side by water and the others by impassable mountains (for now ...). Your destiny is truly yours. Forget questing your way khổng lồ the top and linear story telling. As a player, you must gather an army around you & fight your way to lớn the top. Earn money through trade, conquest, or politics. Build armies through recruiting, purchase, or persuading your enemies lớn switch sides. Swear your sword to lớn a king of the realm và earn fiefs, towns, or castles khổng lồ rule of your own ...or earn the right khổng lồ rule as a king or queen for yourself. Wander the world as a mercenary or take up the cause of others who clayên to be rightful heirs to the various kingdoms ....the choice is truly yours.
In the open ended, sandbox world of Calradia the character creation screen is literally where it all starts. Don"t expect to play this game from beginning to lớn over within a single sessin or even a single month. Instead, kick off your greaves, hang your helmet, and have a seat next khổng lồ the hearth in your stone keep. This is the start of your medieval career.Mount và Blade is extremely, & I mean extremely, immersive sầu. Character looks are limited, but all of them have a very crude và medieval feel lớn them. Nothing you create will hold up to the modern standard of beauty ...& that"s the beauty of it! You can also choose your background và while the options early on may seem almost unimportant, the things you choose will shape how you are viewed in Calradia throughout the whole of the game. So choose a story that you"re interested in exploring. On that note, choosing a woman as your character effectively puts the game on hard-mode. The game is built on medieval values and the world will react lớn you accordingly. If you"ve ever wanted to lớn know what that must have sầu been like MBW offers a very chất lượng opportunity for you to explore it.
Do not skip the combat tutorials. In fact, take the time during your early hours of gameplay lớn really find some comfort in the controls. They take some getting used to lớn, but the basic mechanics of moving around & fighting are very simple and non-complex. Left-cliông xã swings, right cliông chồng blocks. Holding down the W key will take you from a walk khổng lồ a run, a canter khổng lồ a gallop while holding the A key will bởi the reverse. There is no targetting; you will hit whatever is in front of you & within range. You will be hit by anything in front of you or within range. Very simple.Take the time to get a firm grasp on combat. While it"s possible lớn play the game without actually participating in each individual battle, you will save sầu yourself lots of time, money, & energy by just learning how to fight.
The game is played in both 2D and 3D. Hvà to lớn hvà combat, as well as questing and interaction take place in 3 chiều while maps travel takes place in 2D. The game alternates between the two. The overworld map gives a literal view of the current state of affairs. You can view the borders of each kingdom and get a wider sense of the political state of the game.
The game has day & night cycles. As night falls, bản đồ visibility decreases.When you first start out you"ll have a little beginner quest. Do the whole thing. It will introduce you to: how to interact/talk with NPCs; how lớn enter and exit towns/castles; basic combat experience; how to lớn recruit soldiers; how to lớn trachồng & find parties; and the importance of trade khổng lồ survival. All of these lessons should not be skipped! It will just lead you to lớn frustratrion trying to lớn figure out how lớn get these simple things done. Once you"re past that, now you"re ready for the real game. It"s cold, cruel world out there. Plan accordingly.
You earn levels through the course of gameplay. At each màn chơi you"re given skill và attribute points khổng lồ build your character with. This cannot be undone.Keep it simple và focused. Have sầu a clear goal of how you want khổng lồ play the game before you distribute your points. For example, if you want to build a massive sầu army & travel the map with it conquering castles & kingdoms, Charisma và Leadership will be important attributes. If you"re more of a Robin Hood character, excellent in combat but rove sầu with a small bvà of fighters, Strength và Tracking might be valuable attributes.In all cases, try to lớn keep a good balance of useful stats. You"re not likely lớn dump everyone point inlớn just 2 or 3 narrow characteristics: it"s more likely you"ll have 2 primary attributes and anywhere from 4-7 skills which will be very important khổng lồ you. Prioritize them & distribute them accordingly. Again, this cannot be undone. I don"t want lớn discourage experimentation because you can always make another character và play them simultaneously or game the system through clever saving. But choices have sầu such long range impacts on gameplay that it"s worth doing a bit of planning as you go along.The margin for error isn"t very punishing, so there"s that.
Think of these as outline of your characters shape. How you invest in these areas will determine how strong your skills and weapon proficiencies are. It"s safe lớn say that a Strength build will favor the player who enjoys mounted and/or melee combat while a Charisma focused build will favor a career as a ruler.Attributes (courtesy of Strategy Wiki): Strength: Each point towards Strength increases a character"s maximum hit points by 1 (this can be boosted further by increasing the Ironflesh skill). Strength also provides a damage bonus và affects the arc và tốc độ of archery và thrown weapons. Some weapons & armor have sầu a minimum Strength requirement for use.Agility: Each point to Agility speeds up a character"s attacks by 0.5%, running tốc độ by a small amount, & adds 5 weapon proficiency points.Intelligence: Putting a point into Intelligence automatically grants an additional skill point.Charisma: Each point towards Charisma increases your maximum party kích thước by 1 point (increasing your Renown will also affect your tiệc ngọt size).Skills allow you to specialize in specific talents. There are lots of skills, too many to really cover in an introductory guide. Suffice it lớn say, you can specialize every facet of your character through skill allocations. Choose carefully, but also don"t be afraid khổng lồ experiment a little.
Quiông chồng Section Summary:
Don"t fail quests: You need reputation early on và that includes good relations with villages so you can recruit more easily. Setup Income: Set up trade routes & stachồng that cash. Shops are good too. Small veteran army: An army of about 35-45 veterans is a good force to make bandit chasing easy & lucrative sầu. Skills: Pichồng up 1 inventory skill and 5 leadership early. You can delegate the trade skill khổng lồ one of your heroes (recommended). Be a merc: It is much more profitable for skill, reputation, & money to be a mercenary early on because it significantly decreases your losses.Managing Your WarbandOne might imagine the complexity of managing a roaming band of mercenaries. They must be fed, sheltered, trained, paid, và appeased. The sole purpose of your warb& is to fight. They won"t vày anything else in the game & they won"t be happy about fleeing battles. Otherwise, they"re quite a nội dung bunch.Learning how khổng lồ tư vấn your army will make it much more powerful. An army with high morale, good relations, và who is paid regularly will be a superior combat force. First, consider keeping a moderate sized army early on, something in the range of ~45 trained soldiers. The larger your army, the more difficult it will be lớn catch bandits, because you will be a slow rider. The smaller your army, the fewer options you have sầu of exploring all of the map (because you will become the hunted). No matter what anyone says, it is never better lớn NOT have an army; they simply make earning money too easy. Likewise, small army is cheaper khổng lồ feed & pay. Find a balance between must-have veteran units & regular units. A couple of veterans can & will turn the tide of battle.A small veteran warbvà is agile enough to lớn chase down lucrative sầu parties and svào enough khổng lồ discourage vassals from picking on you. Keep a happy medium early on until you"re svào enough to lớn arm a larger force. The more vetted your early army is, the smaller it can be. Also, the size & type of army will vary by the starting area you wind up in. For example, if you end up in the Khergit region, you"ll probably have more horsemen in your company ...và if you don"t you had better get some. Khergits are very fast so it will be hard khổng lồ face a faster enemy, or lớn catch a faster tiệc nhỏ.
Quichồng Summary:
Train your soldiers early on at camps. Large armies are expensive; veteran armies are expensive sầu. The larger your army, the larger the negative impact on morale. Morale bonuses can be gained from keeping good food variety và types. Don"t gamble unnecessarily with the lives of your soldiers; it takes too much time khổng lồ build up a veteran force.Since you"ve sầu done the first quest you already know how lớn recruit! The key now is lớn not get them killed và this requires training. There are training camps throughout the bản đồ in every kingdom. Use these to lớn improve sầu the skill of your army as well as yourself. Next, vet them by going after small bands of Looters, then Bandits, then Raiders. Looters are the easiest. They are unarmored, poorly equipped peasants running around looting. Then there"s bandits, who are armed and armored, but only little better than the looters. Sea Raiders can be dangerous, if only because they are pretty bold. They are well armed & put up a decent fight. Deserters ...they are the most dangerous as they are armed to the teeth (they left their former armies, that oughta give you a clue).Always keep in mind the kinds of enemies you"re fighting. Enemy horsemen? Keep a nice squad of spearmen or horsement of your own, and so forth. Also, upgrading your army means higher wages so the more veteran your army, the greater your sources of income should be.Losing your army is painful. It is cheap to lớn recruit, but expensive sầu lớn equip and upkeep. It also takes time lớn build a veteran force. Don"t throw the lives of your soldiers away on a gamble. Pick your battles wisely. There"s no rephối button & if you chose the autosave sầu option, there is no going bachồng once you have sầu made a choice.Finally, FOOD. Keeping variety improves morale. Different types of food grant their own passive morale bonuses, so there"s that. Also, as your army gets larger food is a good way to lớn counterbalance the negative sầu morale gained from the kích thước.

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Quiông chồng Summary:
Inter-faction trading is lucrative; buy in Khergit, sell in any other kingdom. Shops are a good source of steady weekly income. Use your profits lớn tăng cấp your equipment and army as much as possible.There"s a LOT of ways khổng lồ make money in this game. The spoils of Calradia are practically falling out of the sky! But you"ll need a strong bassinet on your head to lớn catch it all.The larger your army the greater your expenses. You should see lớn it that you have sầu high incomes. Your own equipment won"t be cheap and you"ll rarely find fine armor và weapons from killing bandits in the woods.Trade is simple & easy: buy low, sell high. You can find markets at any major town. There, you can see the market trends giving you access lớn what"s selling best và worst at that location. From there just visit nearby villages which might sell you those goods and take them baông xã lớn town. Each kingdom has speciality goods. For example, salternative text is easily acquired from the Nords for cheap. Spices are cheaper in the l& of the Khergits. Grapes are plentiful in the Rhodoks. Buy at those locations & sell them to lớn kingdoms which don"t usually have those goods.Establishing shops won"t make you rich, but they provide a steady income and keep your costs down over the long run. Three shops early on will easily net you a steady income until you gain a fief or castle. For an army of ~40-60 regulars, 3 shops are igiảm giá khuyến mãi. Add a siêu thị lớn your lvà holdings for every 30 soldiers you recruit. Double it for a veteran force. To buy a shop: You must have sầu a favorable status with the town. Visit the Guild Master of the town. Pay them the required fee to lớn open the siêu thị you choose.It will take a week or so for the shop to lớn get up và running & you won"t earn any income until then. Once it"s up, you have sầu the option of supplying it with goods or allowing it acquire it"s own raw materials. Typically, choose the latter unless you find an exception khuyễn mãi giảm giá on raw goods elsewhere that"s sure to net you a higher profit. As you become more comfortable with the game you might find it better khổng lồ supply raw materials.
Yes, you can recruit your very on heroes to your party! Up until now your entire warband has been nameless. Visiting taverns can introduce you khổng lồ other mercenaries who are looking for a good leader to follow. Pay them a fee & they"ll join your cause.You should recruit 1 or 2 heroes early on if you find them based on the skills they offer. They"ll tell you all about themselves so you"ll know exactly where you can benefit from them. This allows you lớn spover your skill points in other areas early on, since the hero will boost up the skill of their specialty. They are otherwise just like you. They gain levels and have sầu attributes, skills, & weapon proficienty points you can assign to them. You can equip them with weapons và armor. They will also go on missions for you và someday, when you have sầu your own kingdom, they can become your vassals. But that"s all advanced stuff! What"s key here is that when you gain a anh hùng, they can specialize in certain skills for your buổi tiệc nhỏ. This makes it even easier to max out the skills you need.
Everyone wants khổng lồ be king. The six kingdoms are always fighting about this in one way or another. They"re fighting to reclalặng lands, fighting to lớn reclayên ancient thrones, fighting because the weather is right ...the politics of Calradia are funny. Ultimately, they all want to lớn restore the the ultimate throne: the king khổng lồ rule them all. This is one way your adventure could end and for a new era to lớn begin!Once you"ve sầu earned your meager place in the lands, have sầu been vetted, and have sầu set-up enough income you might start considering vassalage or even setting up your own kingdom. Here"s some starter info on the various kingdoms khổng lồ get you started: Nords:
Easy -- Unless you hang around Wercheg, banditry is fairly minimal for the Nords. They are also easy because they offer the strongest melee units in the game, hands down. Laying siege with Huscarls is a sure win; besieging huscarls is a really bloody affair. Rhodoks: Easy -- Enough bandits khổng lồ hunt and few enough to ride around relatively safely while learning the game. Swadians: Medium -- The difficult here lies in the great distance between their kingdom holdings. There are lots of bandits spread around, but they are mostly looters và other easy prey. Vaegirs: Medium -- Lots and lots of bandits & great loot. Sea raiders are relatively tough opponents, but nothing that can"t be crushed with a small regular army (25-40 units). Arguably the best starter faction, as it offers quick an easy rewards & the baddies are numerous enough to lớn give sầu a steady stream of experience for leveling. Sarranids: Hard -- Mounted bandits are numerous as the desert sands. You will need a svào army early with anti-cavalry units or lots of cavalry units (these are expensive). Khergits: Hard -- Same as the Sarranids, but a little worse, especially around Ichamur. The swarming of bandits reminds one of a roach nest.As a new personality in Calradia, all of the factions will initially be fair but untrusting of you. They won"t hate you or love sầu you. To improve your relations, just interact with them. Often the lords will have sầu tasks they could use some help with. Doing them will help improve your own standings while earning you a few denars. One very lucrative sầu thing you can do is sign on to lớn a faction during a period of war as a mercenary. You get all the benefits of being a vassal with none of the negatives. The Marshall will pay you each week, you"ll have sầu access lớn all the spoils of fighting enemy parties, and once it"s over you don"t owe anyone anything. You will have sầu vetted your army và gained some money. It"s a good deal.There"s a lot more to lớn know about the game, but the info here is sufficient to lớn help you make good decisions early on. The best thing you can vày is start the game và get going. The exciting part of the game for me is reading dialogue & making choices first hand without using guides so I don"t want to make any guide that intrudes too much on that experience.
First word of advice: All of your actions count. They will either help you or harm you. Here is a quichồng menu of *some* things I am referring to: Not completing a task:
Can harm your relations with the person who gave sầu it và lower tiệc ngọt morale. Courting a woman that another man likes (totally out of your control, but that is one way khổng lồ significantly lower your rep with that guy). Taking royal prisoners: will harm your rep with that person AND the faction. Taking sides in a war: your stores can be sequestered by the enemy kingdom.There are many more things that can harm you. On the contrary, you will be helped by doing honorable things: Helping local villages against bandits (or even royal looters). Releasing a defeated commander instead of taking hyên prisoner: you will increase your honor and reputation with hyên and his faction. Not accepting blood money for headhunter quests: increases your honor và faction.That các mục goes on as well. If you can keep in mind that this game is a true role-player, then you will succeed on the terms in which you enjoy roleplaying. If you like playing the rebel, you will succeed on those terms & also suffer the drawbacks of it. If you enjoy playing the anh hùng, you will succeed on those terms and also suffer the drawbacks of it. Simple enough? I know that’s very general, but if you can just rediscover what it means to lớn immerse yourself in a fictional world and imagine yourself lớn be the avatar you created, you will quickly underst& exactly what I mean.

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chú ý on Rhodoks:
The graphic with units is missing information about the progression of Rhodoks crossbowman. The missing units are: Trained Crossbowman > Sharpshootercảnh báo on Sarranids: The missing units are: Archer > Master ArcherFor more information about Mercenary và Female unit progression, visit Mount và Blade Warband Witê.