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Amazfit has been on our radar for at least a couple of years now. The original Amazfit Bip is the wearable that managed to lớn sway this reviewer, personally, away from much more high-protệp tin và expensive alternatives, lượt thích the Samsung Gear S3. And the Amazfit GTR still remains my daily driver. And it should be noted that this is not motivated by a laông xã of other options. The smart wearable market is experiencing a sort of renaissance at the moment. Even so, Amazfit"s or rather Huami"s products continue to lớn hold a particularly special place in the ever-growing wearable niche.

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It is hardly surprising that we were excited khổng lồ kiểm tra out the Amazfit T-Rex. It is a rugged wearable that seems to combine everything that we think is great about existing Amazfit devices with a really tough exterior. Suitable for a more active sầu, outdoorsy lifestyle.

Most people, us included, hold Amazfit products in high regard for their amazing battery life. Just like the sliông chồng và elegant GTR, the T-Rex retains this amazing energy efficiency, easily offering đôi mươi days of use on a single charge.

This is all made possible through years of component & design refinement by manufacturer Huamày. A name that"s not particularly well-known, yet says a lot about the pedigree of the T-Rex and instills a lot of confidence. Not counting the Apple Watch, Huamày is actually the largest wearable device company in the world, with over 50 million units sold và over 16% global market nói qua. Besides its own Amazfit fashion-conscious br&, Huami is also responsible for Xiaongươi wearables as an exclusive provider. As such, it is the company behind the popular Mi Bvà line of products.

Amazfit T-Rex specs

Body: 47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5 mm, 58g (with strap), non-standard strap; 5 ATM water resistance (supports swimming) & STD-MIL-810G certification; Gorilla Glass 3 front + oleophobic coating; Polymer toàn thân, metal buttons Display: 1.3" AMOLED, Resolution 360 x 360 pixels, tư vấn AOD watchface OS: Proprietary; Support for Android 5.0 & above sầu, iOS 10.0 & above sầu Battery: 390mAh (20 days typical use, 66 days basic watch mode, trăng tròn hours continuous GPS tracking) Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE; GPS+GLONASS Misc: BioTracker PPG biological tracking optical sensor, 3-axis acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor, Ambient light sensor

Baông xã to lớn the T-Rex, though, since it is more than a mere Mi Band clone. In fact, the skin-deep assumption that it is merely an Amazfit GTR inside a different shell is not entirely true either. Both of these parallels, however, are valid & important.

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At its core, the T-Rex, just like the Mi Band & the GTR appears lớn be based on the same core of sensors & components. This is important khổng lồ note since none of these devices is technically s "smartwatch". The lachồng of advanced functionality and a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ phầm mềm ecosystem technically makes the T-Rex a mere "smart wearable" rather than a full-featured smartwatch. This means that you are stuông chồng with the mặc định out-of-the-box features & functions unless Amazfit decides otherwise with an OTA update. What you gain, in return, is much more optimized and efficient operation. And through that, in part, the amazing 20 day plus battery life. A feat unattainable lớn current full-featured smartwatches.


For many, me included, this sacrifice in functionality is justified for the sake of battery life và the convenience it affords. Plus, just lượt thích other Amazfit "smart wearables", the T-Rex is plenty feature-rich. Definitely enough for most wearable users. It handles both notifications và calls in a very efficient manner và has a plethora of activity & fitness tracking features. Chuchồng a surprisingly potent GPS receiver in the phối và you over up with the T-Rex - a well-rounded and value product. Follow along on the next few pages as we dig-down inkhổng lồ exactly what makes it tiông chồng, what it gets right and what it misses the mark on.


Amazfit products aren"t necessarily premium by nature. Good value is the main goal here. Even so, the company has never skimped on presentation. The T-Rex ships in a solid two-piece box, complete with a silky-smooth finish. The internal layout retains the same cấp độ of unique và is a neck above what you would see from a run-of-the-mill cheap Chinese wearable. Things are still kept within reason, though, so as not lớn unnecessarily ramp-up costs. Like the fact that all the fancy & colorful graphics và text printing is limited to an outside cardboard box - the cheaper approach.

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There is no accessory bundle to speak of here - you just get the watch, which sits in its own, well-protected nibít in the box and a USB magnetic charging st&, with two pogo pins. No additional straps or anything of the sort. With a current retail price tag online below $150, we really can"t ask more of the Amazfit T-Rex. You should keep that value price tag in mind going forward with the Review, as well.

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