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Compact. Powerful. Enhanced.

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Packed into the award-winning kiến thiết of the first generation, the X1D II 50C continues khổng lồ keep medium format photography portable with its compact build. Its upgraded electronic platsize includes an enlarged 3.6-inch touch display và an enhanced EVF, a faster live view refresh rate, and an intuitive sầu and even quicker user interface control. Connection via USB-C or Wi-Fi to’s Phocus di động 2 allows for the ultimate, on-the-go workflow from camera to máy tính bảng ipad Pro. And with a huge range of high-chất lượng optics lớn shoot with, including XCD, HC/HCD, XPan & V System Lenses, the creative possibilities are endless.



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THE POWER OF PORTABLELightweight & portable, the X1D II 50C lets you take the power of medium format in a footprint smaller than most full frame 35milimet cameras. Individually calibrated for optimal performance, its large 50-megapixel medium format CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9mm) features outstanding colour depth and a huge dynamic range of 14 stops. Natural Colour Solution công nghệ is integrated inlớn the camera’s system, delivering superb, true-to-life tones that match what the human eye sees. Blending khung & function in its ergonomic kiến thiết adopted from the award-winning first generation, the X1D II 50C continues to provide creatives with incredible image quality, with 16-bit RAW images & now full resolution JPEGs, in a compact, lightweight thiết kế.

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There are a bunch of small enhancements to lớn the X1D II 50C that drastically enhance my workflow, from a redesigned viewfinder lớn an improved rear display và polished menu systems/functionality.

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The outstanding color depth & the dynamic range of’s medium format sensor allow me khổng lồ avoid spending hours correcting noisy shadows by hvà, painting the affected/noisy areas as I did previously when shooting on SLR cameras.

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