Hack wifi password on android phone

Hacking WiFi password is one of the toughest jobs now a days (only next khổng lồ Facebook hacker) since there are a lot of security measures implemented against WiFi password hackers. But it is still possible if we have enough data and right tools. There are two types of WiFi security namely Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) & Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). Advanced version of WPA is WPA-PSK also known as WPA2 with AES encryption.

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WEPhường. encryption can easily be hacked whereas WPA-PSK is very difficult to craông chồng because of the svào encryption algorithm. WPA1 is less secure and that is why WPA-PSK comes inlớn play. We have sầu listed few good WiFi hacking tools that can be used lớn hachồng WiFi passwords. Success rate depends on the strength of the password.

Here it goes the menu of useful wireless hacking tools.


Aircrachồng is one of the famous và widely used WiFi password hacker that comes with suite of useful applications to access WiFi security. It’s suite is very helpful for monitoring packets of data, creating attacks, detecting vulnerabilities và cracking WiFi WEP & WPA and WPA PSK. Generally it monitors the packets of the network, captures and analyses each packet of the network khổng lồ crack the password with the information collected from analysed packets.

Aircraông xã ng discovers password using two methods namely PTW (Pyshkin, Tews, Weinmann) method và FMS / Korek method. PTW method is widely used cracking method. This method first uses just ARPhường. packets to lớn determine the key. If the key is not found, then it uses all the captured packets to determine the security key. FMS method uses various attachồng techniques to determine the WEP. security key and it is one of the faschạy thử WiFi cracking techniques.

WPA / WPA2 can be cracked using dictionary method. Brute forcing the dictionary values helps one to recover the WiFi security key. You can tải về aircrack-ng dictionary from few websites. You can even add necessary values khổng lồ make the attachồng much more consistent.



Reaver is another open source WiFi brute force password hacker tool used for cracking of WPA / WPA2 passwords. It usually takes 4 to 10 hours to recover the plain text WPA / WPA2 passphrase depending upon the access point as per the information given in Reaver’s homepage under Google code. Reaver is pre-installed with linux distributions lượt thích backtrack, kali etc.

Reaver exploits a vulnerability found in WPS mechanism to lớn crack the WPA or WPA2 password.

Download Reaver


WiFi phisher is an open source WiFi password hacker used for social engineering attachồng tool in order khổng lồ steal authorization credentials. It does not include brute forcing attack unlượt thích any other WiFi password hackers that we see here.

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Victyên will be deauthenticated from their access point and joins a rogue access point. Victyên will be directed to lớn a customized router phishing page where he/she will be prompted lớn enter their WiFi password. It is more or less same as normal webpage phishing attacks. Hackers will be able khổng lồ haông xã into lớn the WiFi network as soon as the victyên enters his/her password in the phishing page.

Download WiFiphisher


Kismet is an open source wireless security tool consist of wireless network detector, packet sniffer & intrusion detection system. It basically works with 802.11 IEEE network standard and can be expanded lớn handle other network types using variety of plugins. It works well with any WiFi thẻ and it is one of the major advantages of this tool. Kismet also collect network packets like any other WiFi password hacker tools to crachồng wireless password.

Kismet has a drone used khổng lồ collect network packets and pass it lớn a VPS for interpretation. Server interprets data and organizes it. Client communicates with the server and displays the information collected from server. Kismet password hacker is available for Linux, Windows & OS X operating systems.

Download Kismet


coWPAtty is an open source WiFi hacker used to lớn audit the security of preshared keys selected in WPA networks. It does nearly the same job done by Aircrack ng but coWPAtty uses automated dictionary attacks lớn craông chồng WPA protected passwords. It is pretty easy lớn craông xã if there is a weak WiFi password. It’s performance is very slow although it is so simple. coWPAtty is preinstalled in backtrachồng và kali linux distributions.



Airsnort is an open source WiFi security key hacker used for cracking WEPhường encryption on wireless network. It passively monitors network transmission, computes the encryption keys when enough packets are collected. This wifi hacker is available for Linux và Windows operating systems.

Download Airsnort


WEPAttaông chồng is an open source WiFi cracking tool used for hacking WEP.. security keys. This tool performs an active dictionary attack that tests millions of words to find the respective security key. A working WLAN card is necessary for WEPattack lớn work. WEPattachồng requires a dumpfile for attacking networks.

Download WepAttack


Netstumbler also known as network stumbler is a windows tool used to lớn craông xã WiFi passwords. It is primarily used for wardriving, verifying network configurations, detecting causes of wireless interference and rougue accesspoints. But this tool is bit outdated since the last stable release arrived few years ago. A trimmed version known as Mini Stumbler is also available for download.

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Download NetStumbler


WEPDecrypt is open source wireless LAN tool written in C which guess WEPhường security keys on an active dictionary attaông xã, key generator, distributed network and some other attacks. One crypted packet is enough to start the dictionary attaông chồng và it has its own key generator lớn crachồng a dumptệp tin over a network. It can act as VPS and client. WEPDecrypt is available for Linux & Windows platkhung.

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