Samsung galaxy tab a 10


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Treat your senses to lớn a truly immersive sầu experience. With its even wider 10.1 inch WUXGA display you can watch và read all your favorite nội dung, including magazines or newspapers, in supreme comfort.

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Capturing precious moments in their truest detail. Shoot fast in low light with its 8MP.. AF f/1.9 rear camera or let your creative sầu spirit soar with optional HDR and Pro Mode options.

Featuring wider drawing boards and enhanced sound effects, Kids Mode 4.0 is optimized lớn unleash your child’s creative side. It also puts your mind at ease, letting you lock apps & set usage times.

Now you can have calls and SNS alerts forwarded straight from your smartphone to lớn your tablet. What’s more, you can use Quick Reply to lớn respond right away and keep traông xã of incoming notifications in Dashboard mode.

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* SideSync is available as a separate download and is compatible with Android KitKat (4.4) or higher.

Switch your viewing perspective sầu in a flash. Simply connect via Wi-Fi direct to tóm tắt and watch content between your TV & tablet interchangeably without the hassle of messy wiring.

Ideal for standing up your tablet lớn watch all your favorite multimedia with ease, its lightweight, foldable magnetic book cover conforms to various angles for optimized viewing.

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Smooth to lớn the touch with an elegant streamlined finish that looks and feels great in the hand, its beautifully minimalistic design is a sight to lớn behold from every angle.

Size (Main Display)10.1" (255.4 mm)Resolution (Main Display)19trăng tròn x 1200 (WUXGA)Technology (Main Display)TFTmàu sắc Depth (Main Display)16MS Pen SupportYes
Main Camera - ResolutionCMOS 8.0 MPMain Camera - Aulớn FocusYesFront Camera - ResolutionCMOS 2.0 MPMain Camera - FlashYesVideo Recording ResolutionFHD (19đôi mươi x 1080)
RAM Size (GB)3 GBROM Size (GB)16 GBAvailable Memory (GB) *10.3 GBExternal Memory SupportMicroSD (Up to 256GB)

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