Download mega nz files with idm extension

Until now we’ve sầu used the well know guides of Mega Link Downloader or MegaTools for downloading Mega Files. But what we didn’t know is that we can actually tải về Mega Files using IDM directly enjoying all the features that IDM has khổng lồ offer.

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IDM or Internet Download Manager is very popular because it enables faster tải về speeds & comes with sophisticated features. Features like Pause, Resume and Stop the download if necessary set it apart from any download manager out there.

In the case of downloading files from Mega.NZ the default what we are left is khổng lồ choose browser tải về method which has several disadvantages due lớn the errors like Your Browser Storage for Mega is Full while downloading.

The alternate way is via MegaSync which doesn’t let us Bypass Mega Download Limit Transfer Quota Exceeded Error. So we’re left with using MegaDownloader for downloading.

Which is the best way in my opinion and the most widely used way when coming lớn downloading Mega Files. But, for some people who are long-term users of other popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive và OneDrive

IDM or Internet Download Manager gives the most tốc độ out of it rather than browser tải về methods. So, why not use the same popular IDM for Downloading Mega Files?

In this article, I’ll be explaining the procedure khổng lồ vì so. So let’s get started with the Guide which lets direct Download Mega Files using IDM



Download Mega Files using IDM Directly <100% Working>

Before going inkhổng lồ the procedure lets just talk about the prerequisites for this guide. You’ll need Internet Download Manager or IDM installed và ready lớn go on your PC.

BTW, this works on Windows Platkhung as of now. I’ll update if other platforms get the tư vấn for downloading Mega Files using IDM

Download Mega NZ Downloader

Once it is downloaded & installed. It’s time khổng lồ grab the Mega download link. Keep note that as mentioned earlier in several guides, links without a decrypted key is not going khổng lồ work.Then head over lớn the installed MegaDownloader 1.7 & select Options –> Configuration –> Streaming –> Tick ” use Streaming Server ” –> Save, as shown in the below pic.


Once, the options are saved then cliông chồng on Streaming –> Watch Online and then paste the previous copied Mega URL in the tab & copy the Streaming Link as shown in the below pic.

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Paste the copied streaming URL into the Internet Download Manager Add URL tab & as you can see the IDM has detected the File Name và kích cỡ of the Mega file.


You can now start the tải về, Pause, Resume & even stop the download at any time. Also, the download speeds are awesome because of IDM’s optimizations when you tải về Mega Files using IDM.


You can get faster tải về speeds when downloading via MegaDownloader but using IDM is much better. Also, it has become a mainstream downloader for most users.


As you can see that IDM really pushes the limit of Mega Servers & takes advantages of the tốc độ offered by the cloud storage. As mentioned earlier this procedure doesn’t work with liên kết without a decrypted key.

Make sure of it when trying to Download Mega Files using IDM. Also, the streaming link feature helps not only for downloading files using downloader manager but there are various others.

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You can stream files directly with truyền thông media player. If you don’t prefer this method you can always use the existing downloading method on the software itself.

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