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In order to lớn edit information inside the game, you need the right tool. Today"s instrument is the Artmoney program, which is available for downloading on the site.

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The program has a built-in memory tìm kiếm, although due lớn the trkết thúc of the SVN creation, the database cannot support such a setting a long period of time.

She has problems with a 64-bit process in which it slows down significantly. This makes hacking using Dolphin & Desmume.

We will show và tell how to use ArtMoney.

Example of hacking 1 - Warcraft III (PC)

Run WC3 and exexinh đẹp the script. Please note how much gold in your mine.

For example, you have 25,000 gold in the mine.

Press the Alt + Tab keys and run ArtMoney.In the mode, select "Warcraft III", now clichồng .Set search B. "Exact value" (Because you know how much money you are looking for).Enter the number 25000. Type filed: To find out what type of number, you only need to use your xúc tích. Press the <...> button lớn select the type.Since the value is 25000, it cannot be equal to 1 byte (max 255). And it cannot be equal to lớn 2 bytes (Max 65535).

Typically, the money value is established in Integer 4 bytes (the highest amount of money I know is 99.999999, and the maximum amount of 4 bytes is 4 294 967 295).

Cheông xã the Integer 4 Byte & remove the mark from other parameters.

Cliông chồng. In the field "Type" should be written "Custom" or "Buyer".Leave the address range for all. Cliông chồng OK. Depending on the speed of the processor, you must get a danh mục of addresses per minute.Return to WC3. Commvà one of your peonov to lớn enter the Golden Mine, thus reducing the amount of gold for 10. Now in the mine of your gold will be 24990.Alt + Tab và baông chồng to lớn the program. Press the button. Enter 24990 in the values u200bu200bfield. Click OK. The number of addresses should be reduced.Return khổng lồ WC3 & give sầu the team khổng lồ one of your peons so that he entered the Golden mine, having reduced the amount of gold khổng lồ 10. Now in the mine your gold will be 24980.Alt + Tab for the program. Press the button. In the value field, enter 24980. Click OK. Repeat these steps between WC3 and Artmoney, reducing gold in the mine và filtering the address in the process. Sooner or later you will receive sầu 1 address. Cliông xã on the address in the left table and press the red button with the arrow.

The address must move to the right table, where you can edit it. Enter another value, for example 100000.

Note: The value does not change if there is still a text cursor in the values u200bu200bfield!

Return khổng lồ WC3 and see whether the gold ore is updated. If so, congratulations! You made the first filtering of addresses!

On the this moment You can play a little with ArtMoney until you have an "Address selection instinct", especially the memory tìm kiếm for smaller console emulation.

In some cases, the files will not have sầu only one address.

Example of hacking 2 Resident Evil

Start the game, make sure that you have sầu good health in the game, because if you are dead, it may complicate the situation. Use EPSXE saving lớn help you in this procedure.

chú ý. The utility has a status function, but we will not use it when I refer lớn the state of saving or downloading.

Save sầu before meeting the enemy. Go khổng lồ Artmoney. Use the following parameters:

Select "Process": "EPSXE ..." (depends on your version number). Search: "Unknown meaning".

Type: "Integer 2 Byte". Clichồng OK. When the tìm kiếm is completed, go back to lớn Resident Evil & go lớn the enemy. Let the enemy hit you once and suspover the game.

Baông chồng to lớn Artmoney:

Filter: Unknown Meaning

Meaning: Reduced

Click OK.

Let the enemy hit you again & the filtering process will pass. If your life drops khổng lồ a dangerous mark, and you think that you will die from the next blow, use the previous saving.

The following procedure applies when you used saving: use your comtháng sense: You returned to preservation before your health completely fell, so it is greater than the last filter.

Filter: Unknown Meaning

Meaning: Enhanced

Cliông xã OK.

Let the enemy hit you, và the filter "will decrease". Continue khổng lồ filter baông chồng and forth until 1 address remains.

Add an address to the table. Change the value. Is your life changed changed? If yes, then bingo.

Comtháng hacker tricks

Due khổng lồ the way, most addresses that you are looking for, most likely are located at an even address (the address is completed at an even number, for example, 00ba0310, 00ba0314, 00ba031a, 00ba031e, etc.).

Money cost is usually saved using Integer 4 bytes.

Character statistics also placed in a row of all these numbers. If your character has a maximum of 99, it is most likely an integer 1 byte.

If this particular STAT is stored at 00f90314, the next statch is most likely stored in 00f90315 or 00f90316.

There are usually two types of addresses:

Predefined address - Only the number of items are stored in your inventory, & the game organizes them at a certain order in your inventory. Usually you have no opportunity to organize your sản phẩm manually.

Slot address - Your inventory consists of an element type và position number. Usually you have sầu the opportunity lớn sort the items manually. The address of the element can be saved to lớn each slot (i.e., element 1 type followed by the number 1) or by type (i.e., the type of element 1, followed by the type 2), as long as all accounts Inventory will not be taken into trương mục, and then start tác phẩm 1 number, paragraph 2, etc.).

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Displacement change:

Many games and / or emulators have a randomized address, such as Warcraft III, Dolphin and Desmume. In these programs, the next time you started your Artmoney table will no longer indicate the correct address. In this case, you will always need an address in the table, the value of which can be easily found, for example, money or numbered hit points.

mở cửa the table:

Let"s use money for example. Select a cash address from the table. Search need money. Usually they have the lakiểm tra address number.

Having found it, cliông xã on it, but bởi vì not add it khổng lồ the table.

After selection u003e Optionalu003e Auto Apply Offset> Aukhổng lồ Apply offset to all

This command will configure the selected address found khổng lồ the selected table address. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen the correct table address.

Calculator (Mathematical Calculator / Converter)

Microsoft Windows comes with a surprisingly good calculator.

When you install, you can use hexadecimal dezimal transformation (&, on the contrary) for computing.

Calculator will help khổng lồ make calculations with files and bytes without any problems. Do not be afraid if immediately not everything is clear.

First follow the instructions that will show the order of the correct actions và the general scheme.

When you understvà the principle, and this will happen quickly, và then you can haông xã any gaming characteristic: Health, money, experience, etc.

And so, puzzled how to lớn use Pro.the version of the artmanship program does not pay anything for the key, or simply installed và the key is not there và the prog does not start. Well, let"s not tomorrow & immediately proceed khổng lồ activate.

If you have sầu not yet installed about the version of Artmani.

(activator works 100% with this version)

When you first start the version, you will need khổng lồ enter the registration code, follow the instructions below.

ArtMoney Pro Activation Instructions Version:

1. Clichồng first on <Generate>

2. Clichồng on . (At this point, registration code is copied lớn the clipboard)

3. Insert the code In the ARTMONEY registration window, after inserting the code, press oK.

4. After confirming all subsequent windows, the program will show all its work tools, cthua kém the program và exexinh đẹp last step 5..

5. After completing all of the above actions. In the activator, cliông xã on the button

Specify the path lớn the file aM743.cfg. It is in the folder with installed program Default is C: \ Program Files \ Artmoneycliông chồng xuất hiện.

Ready, activation is done! You can run the program và use for không tính phí.

The last time was checked on Windows 7 x64

An outdated way to lớn activate Artmani lớn about version:

Getting started to lớn relatively simple activation artmoney pro.First of all, you need to lớn find the keygen keys generator thư mục. It is in the archive sầu previously downloaded lớn the computer. Crossing inkhổng lồ it find a WinINet.dll file.

Then you need lớn copy this tệp tin wininet.dll. In the thư mục where Artmoney program has already been installed. We look at the picture.

If you have Windows XP, you will have to go to lớn the XPhường. thư mục from the archive sầu. After a double cliông chồng on it, a window should appear, as in the picture, notifying about adding information to the registry. We agree, cliông chồng "Yes."

The window should then emerge, notifying that the data inkhổng lồ the registry was successfully made. Again agree & cliông xã "OK".

After that, you need to lớn run the ArtMoney itself. Immediately after starting, the window will appear, as in the picture, in which the request is specified, enter the registration code.

To obtain registration code, We go to the keyren keys generator folder. Then you should find in it, and then start the generator artmoneykg742.exe cộ.. The key generation program will be launched, but it is necessary to make personal data in it khổng lồ complete the generation. To vì chưng this, fill the fields by changing the data on your own, as shown in the sample in the picture below. Entering data, cliông xã " Generate", We wait a little while the code is generated, & then press the copy button" Copy ".

Then return to lớn the opened window Artmoney. Press the button "From buffer". After that, a copied code from the keys generator should appear on the screen. Then confirm it by clicking "OK".

After all the above manipulations, the window should appear with license Agreement. Near the line "I agree" in an empty square put a tichồng, & press "OK".

This installation & activation of the ArtMoney Pro program is successfully completed. You can safely & without restrictions to lớn use the entire functionality provided by it.


Program Artmoney Designed lớn edit parameters in computer Games, to lớn obtain endless money, lives, cartridges, etc. She knows how to scan memory or game files lớn search for some specific values u200bu200b(money, resources, etc.). There may be many such values u200bu200band you need to lớn choose the necessary, so the tìm kiếm is divided into two stages - the search for values u200bu200b& insoles of unnecessary values. As a result, we get addresses in which there are numbers, & they can be changed to the necessary. Special methods allow you to lớn deceive sầu even games in which there are no numerical visible values u200bu200b(for example, a graphical strip of life) or games that encode their data. Artmoney does not work in the network game mode (ie a person against a person), as money can be duplicated on multiple computers, & change money on one (on your) does not lead to lớn success, although there are exceptions. You will not lose anything if you tải về free version This program.

Added tìm kiếm for a sixteen-bit byte sequence.The support of the skins is removed due to the closure of themeengine project. Use Windows topics instead of skins.Windows "Memory Editor" & "Disasmbler" can open many times (there will be many copies of windows). Added a debugger of two types. The first standard Windows debugger. The second is based on an exception handling treatment (Exception Handling) cannot be detected và blocked. Added by the window of the Disasmbler. The program knows how to load the names of the variables from the specified folder in the settings. You can specify your names for variables và functions. You can save / tải về debug information. You can phối the stop points for three types. Added window list danh sách window. For points, you can mix the operating conditions, the form ((al u003d 1) and (u003d 4)) OR (ECX u003d 10). And you can also mix actions on triggering, the form Eax u003d 1, CL u003d 2, u003d 10. Added command & window "Find commands that appeal to". You can easily find the assembler command that changes the value, replace this comm& khổng lồ empty (NOP) & the value will no longer change. It is usually simpler than to lớn find a pointer.

Details of the archive content:

Program itself (32 and 64 bit versions)Language plugins (24 pcs.)Emulator settingsTables for the program (6337 pcs.)

Setting the following from 2 to 4 tác phẩm is sufficiently simple, for example, if you want to lớn set tables, then you will need to lớn run eXE tệp tin And specify the directory where you installed the Artmoney program (for example, "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ artmoney"), everything else is installed in the same way.

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The main advantages of the Pro Editor:

Disassembler và debugger allows you khổng lồ open the window as a danh mục of assembler commands và phối the stoppoint to lớn debug the process. Perhaps step-by-step performance & start to return. When the point is triggered, you can edit registers và flags. You can specify the conditions & steps for the stop point. The program knows how lớn load the names of the variables from the specified thư mục in the settings. You can specify your names for variables & functions. You can save / download debug information.Search for commands that appeal at. You can easily find the assembler comm& that changes the value, replace this comm& to empty (NOP) and the value will no longer change. It is usually simpler than to find a pointer.You can select a folder or disk as an object. You can tìm kiếm any values u200bu200bin the game thư mục. As well as any texts and values u200bu200bon the disk or in the selected thư mục.Additional conditions when searching & cleaving (u003e,,>=, (NOT EQUAL), you can sear all no zero values, thus shown, thus the total search time.Search for lines. The string is, for example, the name of the character or gaming đô thị, weapons or spells, as well as the game script (if the game is based on scripts).Cleaning the formula. With the help of the formula, you can find anything, any encoded values!Saving & loading the process. Can be used lớn save games where it is not provided. Restrictions: You can not restart the process. For large games, only within one level is valid. While it works not on all games. We will work on improving.Hidden mode. When you install the "hide your process" checkbox, ArtMoney disappears from the danh sách of processes. When you install the "Hide your windows" checkbox, all Artmoney windows disappear from the operating system danh sách. It will be useful if the game detects ArtMoney và closes with an error or closes ArtMoney.Special setting "Use your memory access functions". When installing this tiông chồng, Artmoney uses its service to lớn access memory, thereby bypassing all possible memory protection. Used if Artmoney cannot open the process or read the process memory.Search và process structures. The structure is a combination of logically related variables, possibly of various types grouped under one name for the convenience of further processing. For example, the character structure in the game contains variables that describe the characteristics of the character (such as health, experience, cấp độ, strength, dexterity, accuracy, etc.). The user can create its own structure or generate it automatically from the open table. Artmoney allows missions between variables, since the complete structure and description of all its variables can be unknown. The structure is almost always on one time & does not require emptying, so it is convenient to lớn search for the structure and then make the "Auto-removal addresses" comm& if the variables addresses change when restarting.When the program starts, the program "On the Program" window is not issued.Full technical tư vấn by gmail.

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