Google chrome app compatibility with android tv?

Is it possible to install Google Chrome on Android TV? Yes! Here are the steps khổng lồ get Google Chrome running on your Android TV box.

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Android TV boxes are some of the best streaming devices on the market. They can act as Kodi boxes, Plex servers, & even gaming consoles. However, they have sầu one odd và significant drawback: they don"t come with a pre-installed browser.

If you tìm kiếm in the Google Play Store on your device, you"ll find a couple of Android TV third-các buổi party browsers listed, but Google Chrome is not there. Is it possible to install Chrome on Android TV? Yes! Here"s how.

How to Install Chrome on Android TV

Previously, you used to lớn be able khổng lồ either install Chrome on Android TV using your computer or (on some Android TV devices) instruct your device to install the ứng dụng using a voice command. Sadly, neither of those methods work anymore.

Instead, you have sầu two new approaches available to you. Both require you khổng lồ vì chưng some sideloading.

There are several third-tiệc ngọt tiện ích stores available for Android. For the process described in this article, we are going khổng lồ use Aptoide.

For those who don"t know, Aptoide is an independent Android ứng dụng store with more than 2,500 apps available for you khổng lồ tải về. All the apps on the store are không tính phí, meaning it"s worth installing the store on your device regardless of this specific process.

First, you will need khổng lồ install Aptoide on your Android TV box. You vì chưng so in two ways:

Via USB: If your Android TV box has a USB port, you can tải về the Aptoide APK on a desktop machine, move it lớn a USB, và run the installer from your tệp tin manager.

Once you have installed Aptoide on your Android TV box, the process of installing Chrome on Android TV becomes straightforward.

Just fire up the Aptoide ứng dụng and run a search (using the tìm kiếm box at the top of the page) for Google Chrome. Click on the correct tìm kiếm result & select the Install button from the row of options at the top of the listing"s information.

Follow the on-screen prompts to lớn confirm the installation, & Aptoide will take care of the rest.

Once the app is installed, you will find it listed among mỏi all your other apps on the platkhung.

android mirror chrome

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The other approach is similar, but instead of using a third-party ứng dụng store as a middleman, it instead relies on you grabbing a copy of the Google Chrome APK & sideloading it yourself.

Doing so has both pros & cons. On the plus side, you"ll have control over which version of Google Chrome you install. That"s useful if one version has bugs or doesn"t work well on your device. However, the flipside is that the tiện ích will not automatically update; as new Chrome features are unveiled by Google, you will need khổng lồ update the phầm mềm yourself by grabbing a reinstalling a new APK.

So, how can you install Chrome on Android TV using the app"s APK file?

To begin, you need a get a copy of the APK tệp tin in question. There are lots are places khổng lồ find Android APK files, but we recommover APK Mirror or APK Pure. Both are aao ước the most secure APK repos on the web. You can tải về them either via the Puffin TV Browser mentioned earlier, or download it on your computer and transfer it to your box using a USB stick.

Thereafter, use a file explorer on your Android TV device khổng lồ locate the APK and cliông chồng on it to start the installation process. There will be a couple of on-screen prompts you"ll need to lớn agree to, but the whole process is fast & painless.

sideload launcher
Once you have installed Chrome on Android TV, you might not see it listed on your Android TV home page screen (depending on the make và mã sản phẩm of your device). Some devices will not display sideloaded apps alongside your other regular apps.

There are four ways to access sideloaded apps if it does not appear automatically:

Settings menu: You can access a complete list of your apps (sideloaded và regular) from the apps section of the Settings menu.

Regardless of which method you use, there"s one setting you need khổng lồ change when you launch Chrome for the first time. Clichồng on the three vertical dots, scroll down, và mark the checkbox next khổng lồ Request Desktop Site. It will ensure the ứng dụng takes full advantage of your TV screen"s real estate.

Should You Even Use Chrome on Android TV?

We underst& the appeal of using Chrome on your Android TV box. You"ll get access to your extensions, bookmarks, browsing history, and all your other customizations.

But using Chrome on Android TV is not a particularly pleasant experience. The phầm mềm is not optimized for use with a remote control, meaning that navigating website pages & entering search queries can quickly become a tedious task. That"s why apps lượt thích Puffin are so good; they are optimized for TV remotes & thus the entire experience is much more fluid.

The lack of an Android TV-optimized version of Chrome remains one of the platform"s big mysteries. However, until Google decides to lớn address the issue, we are stuông xã with these workarounds. At best, we"d recommend installing Chrome on Android TV as a backup browser. It"s fine for accessing certain information, but for your day-to-day browsing, stichồng with an Android TV optimized version.

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