Cách reset android tv box

Every so often an Android TV box will need a factory rephối or the Firmware updated which is easy enough lớn bởi vì with a few steps.

What is a Factory Reset? A Factory Rephối is setting a box bachồng lớn its original settings wiping any user data.

This is usually done when selling a box lớn delete all your data such as apps, passwords, and so on. What is a Firmware Update?The Firmware is the software part of the box that controls everything such as WiFi và Video.

A Firmware update if done wrong can briông chồng a box making it unusable.

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Using the correct Firmware version is very important even new versions of an Android box can make a difference. Should You Factory Remix or Update the Firmware? Factory Resetting a box sets a unit lớn the original state it came in deleting any settings that were changed.

Since there is no update much less can go wrong and Factory Resetting Android devices such as phones is done all the time.

Firmware updates can briông xã a box if done wrong.

For this reason, a Firmware update should only be done if absolutely necessary.

Updating the Firmware is not difficult with the main thing to usually causes problems is using the wrong Firmware tệp tin.Steps To Set an Android TV Box in Android Recovery ModeThe first step is lớn mix a box in Android Recovery Mode.Basically with the power Off the rephối button is held. nguồn is turned On while holding the rephối button for 8-10 seconds & then let go.

Locate the Rephối button và Power nguồn Plug/Button.


Press and hold the Reset button and plug in the box powering it on (Sometimes the power button is used). Keep pressing the Remix Button for 10 seconds & then let go.

The box should come up inkhổng lồ Recovery Mode with several options.

Steps lớn Factory Rephối an Android TV Box Once in Recovery Mode, the following steps will phối the unit bachồng lớn its default settings erasing all user data.

To Factory Remix the box select Wipe data/factory reset


A warning box will come up clichồng Yes


All the data will be erased.

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After it is done wiping the data select Reboot system now. Sometimes it can take a while khổng lồ reboot.

Steps to Update the Firmware on an Android TV Box

Locate & download the Firmware tệp tin for your box. Usually, this can be done with a simple Google search or the manufactures website.

Be sure to get the correct version for your box. The main reason Android TV boxes get Bricked while updating Firmware is the wrong Firmware file.


Copy the Firmware file lớn an SD-thẻ or flash drive and insert it into your box.

Go to Recovery Mode và clichồng on Apply update from SD card


Cliông chồng on the Firmware file


The box will flash the new Firmware to the unit & show the results on the screen. If it was successful or there was an error it will show the results.


If it doesn’t restart automatically select Reboot system now. Sometimes it can take a while to lớn reboot.

Summary Resetting an Android TV box & erasing all the data is easy to vì chưng with a few steps.

Flashing new Firmware also is only a few steps but can Brick your box if done wrong.

When it comes khổng lồ Firmware every manufacturer does things differently. Some will do updates and have sầu a tải về page while others will have no information.

Often many would also like to lớn update to the newest Android version. Some boxes will not be able to lớn update to lớn the newest Android version depending on the unit & Firmware, be sure lớn read the documentation.

Flashing the Firmware is done all the time even with custom versions simply be aware of what can go wrong and read forums, websites, & so on lớn get the best information for your box.

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