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Provides a mechanism for dealing with all the components và running services like session management, synchronous and asynchronous client notifications.It becomes very easy to install applications in one place.Changing to lớn any configuration, such as moving the Database server, can be done centrally from one location.Patches and security updates are easy khổng lồ deploy through them.It enables the ability lớn distribute requests to different servers based on their availability. This is done via Load Balancing.It provides security khổng lồ applications.It enables fault tolerance with the ability to lớn recover/failover recovery.It saves big time if we are required to lớn install a copy of configurations on each machine individually.It supports transaction support.When it comes lớn performance, the application vps greatly improves application performance as it is based on the client-server model.

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There is a huge number of application servers that are used today. Some of the examples are given below:

JBossWeblogicWebsphereGlassfishTcat ServerApache GeronimoJRunOracle OC4JSun GlassFish Enterprise ServerSAP Netweaver ASSybase Enterprise Application Server

 Types of Application Server

Application servers can be of 3 categories:

Active Application vps – This hệ thống is used to provide tư vấn and a rich environment for business súc tích that is involved on the server-side, which is expressed in the size of rules, components, và objects. These types of servers are also called stateful server.Component hệ thống – This software plays a primary role in providing database access lớn software components such as COBRA, DLL, and Java Bean. It also provides tư vấn to transaction processing requests.

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Choosing the Right One

In order lớn choose the right one for your applications, you can start with identifying and prioritizing the requirements if the particular environment.

A few of the factors could be:


Once you are done with the above task, you can start looking for an application server that best meets your demands. For e.g., if you are having a large customer base, the application performance should be of topmost priority. Và if your company is small, the cost might be a factor as well. Scalability and administration are also one of the major factors lớn look into if your application is growing each day.


As part of this post, we have learned about the application server’s overview, their working & usage, advantages of having and choosing the right one. At the end of this article, the audience should be able lớn select the application server better that might suit their environment.

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