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Both web & application servers respond to lớn user requests for content. Yet, there are several key differences between the two server types, và knowing these distinctions can help you configure the right software and hardware infrastructure for your needs.

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Read on lớn learn the differences between website servers & application servers and their everyday use cases, and see which one is a better fit for your business needs.

App vps vs. Website Server: Key Differences

Here is an overview of the main distinctions between app & web servers:

Web ServersPoint of ComparisonApplication Servers
Hosts websites & responds lớn simple web requestsMain purposeHosts applications & delivers complex interactions through business logic
Only delivers static content via HTMLType of contentDelivers static and dynamic content
HTTP/HTTPS protocols onlyProtocolsThe client-server interaction can occur via several protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS
NoApplication connectionYes
Has access khổng lồ a static databaseDatabase connectionHas access to lớn the application database
Web browsersTypical clientServes web và mobile applications, & web browsers
Does not tư vấn multi-threadingMulti-threadingUses multi-threading to lớn process multiple requests in parallel
Facilitates traffic that does not consume a lot of resourcesResource consumptionFacilitates resource-intensive processes
Web container onlyContainersWeb container (Servlets, JSP, JSF, web services), EJB container (JTA), Application Client container (DI, security)
Very lowCapacityHigh
A hypertext document that displays information on a browserInteraction resultFiles that contain data & serve a specific purpose depending on the client needs

What Is a website Server?

A web vps is a computer system that stores, processes, & delivers web pages lớn clients. The client is almost always a website browser or a di động application. Depending on the setup, a web server can store one or more websites.

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This type of vps only delivers static HTML content, such as:



The overlap between application và web servers means that each use case has several valid solutions. Most systems can operate with a website server, tiện ích server, or a combination of the two.

However, not all setups are equally good. Knowing the differences between the two hệ thống types helps you save money, scale more easily, và choose a better fit for your use case.